Energy and Exergy Analysis and Optimization of a μ-solar-driven Combined Ejector-Cooling and Power System based on Organic Rankine Cycle using an Evolutionary Algorithm


Faculty of Engineering, Alzahra University, Deh Vanak, Tehran, P. O. 1993891176, Iran


This paper proposes and investigates a combined ejector-cooling and power (CECP) system, using R123 as a working fluid to utilize the solar energy over a low temperature range. Evacuated tube solar collectors are used to collect the solar radiation for their low costs. A thermal storage system and an auxiliary boiler are used to provide continuous cooling and power output when solar radiation is not sufficientMathematical models are employed to simulate the system under steady-state conditions. The results obtained reveal that solar collector and auxiliary boiler are the main exergy destruction sources. Parametric analysis is conducted to examine the effects of some key thermodynamic parameters on the system performance. The results indicate that under the actual constraints, increasing turbine inlet pressure elevates system efficiency while increasing turbine inlet temperature and turbine back pressure decreases that.The system is also optimized with the energy and exergy efficiencies as objective functions by means of genetic algorithm under the given conditions.