A Framework for Resiliency Assessment of Power Communication Networks


Department of Industrial Engineering, Sharif University of Technology, Azadi Ave., Tehran, Iran


Modern societies are strongly dependent on the continuous and efficient operation of electric power systems as one of the critical infrastructures. Besides, information and communication systems play a crucial role in resiliency enhancement of the power system. As power communication systems are vulnerable against physical and cyber challenges, these systems can be an internal source of threats for power grids by themselves. Therefore, there is a need to identify and study the threats and weaknesses of power communication systems using a comprehensive framework. This framework helps power communication network planners evaluate all challenges and their numerous effects on the system, as a very important step in designing such systems. In the present paper, we propose such a framework by introducing the concept of ‘resiliency matrix’. In this regard, the resiliency of two alternative network plans, both of which are the solutions of a multi objective optimal design problem, is evaluated and compared using the proposed framework. The results reveal that the defined framework is capable to enhance network resiliency and thus can be used as a complementary step to design optimal and robust power communication networks.