On the Application of Plug-In Hybrid Electric Vehicle to Compensate Network Harmonics: A Multiobjective Approach


1 Department of Electrical Engineering, Ashtian Branch, Islamic Azad University, Ashtian, Iran‎

2 Power and Water University of Technology, Tehran, Iran

3 Department of Electrical Engineering, Shahrekord University, Shahrekord, Iran


One of the important capabilities of Plug in Hybrid Electric Vehicle (PHEVs) is injecting/absorbing harmonic current to/from grid. In this paper, a multiobjective framework is proposed to improve power quality of grid by PHEVs. In this study, each PHEV is modeled as an injected harmonic current source including different harmonic orders. The objective functions are: Total Harmonic Distortion (THD) of network nodes and Total PHEV Current (TPC) index both to be minimized. The multiobjective optimization problem is solved by ε-constraint method. The best compromise solution among various non-dominated (Pareto optimal) solutions is chosen based on a fuzzy approach. A typical 14-node microgrid test system is considered in the case study to examine the effectiveness of the proposed method.