Virtual Flux Based Direct Power Control of Shunt Active Filter


LaTICE Laboratory, Higher School of Sciences and Techniques, ‎Electrical‎ Engineering ‎Department, University of Tunis, TUNISIA‎


Active filters areeffective solutionsto eliminateharmonic pollutionandimproving the reactive powerin the presenceofnonlinear loadsandunbalanced sources. To reduce the disturbances caused by this type of load, we propose in this paper a new control strategy of shunt active filter. Our method aims to improve the electrical quantity behavior in steady and dynamic states while reducing the installing cost of the filter through by eliminating the AC line voltage sensors. It’s established by the direct power control (DPC) based on virtual flux (VF) estimation of the electrical network using switching function table. Facing to disturbances affecting the electrical network, we have integrated a phase locked loop (PLL). Indeed, we have implemented and tested our new control strategy in the Matlab / Simulink environment. The results obtained show the effectiveness of the active filter control algorithm to eliminate harmonic currentsand the improvement of the reactive power injected from nonlinear loads which allowed us to confirm the robustness of the proposed strategy