Bi-level fuzzy force shaping controller of a flexible wiper system


1 Department of System Dynamics & Control, University Technology Malaysia, Johor, Malaysia

2 School of Engineering and Science, Faculty of Health, Engineering and Science, Victoria University, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia


In flexible manipulators, the residual vibration and unwanted transient deflection are critical issues that are highly correlated with the velocity operation of the system; as the velocity increases the control of such systems become more delicate and difficult. The wiper blades of automobiles are among those types of flexible system that are required to be operated at quite high velocity to be ecient under high load conditions. This causes some annoying noise and deteriorated vision for travellers. The modelling and control of the vibration and low frequency noise of an automobile wiper blade is the focus of this study. The flexible vibration and noise model of a wiper system is estimated using an arti cial intelligence system identi cation approach. A controller approach is also developed to suppress the low frequency noise of a wiper end-point, while maintaining the desired position accuracy of the hub angle, simultaneously.