Lattice Boltzmann relative permeability for CO2-brine system in a 2D porous medium


1 Ahwaz Faculty of Petroleum, Petroleum University of Technology, Ahwaz, Iran

2 Department of Reservoir Engineering, National Iranian South Oil Company, Ahwaz, Iran


CO2 sequestration is a pretty new eld with little relevant published data considering the relative permeability of CO2-brine systems at in-situ conditions. Precise determinations of relative permeability data in gas injection experiments are difficult and expensive; also, several factors a ect the accuracy. In this paper, to predict CO2- brine relative permeability curves, a Shan-Chen type multi-component multiphase lattice Boltzmann model for two-phase flow for a 2D porous medium was developed. Fully periodic and ull-way" bounce back boundary conditions were applied to the model to get in nite domain of fluid with non-slip solid nodes. Incorporation of an external body force was performed by the Guo scheme. The influences of pore structure and capillary number on relative permeability curves were studied in order to establish realistic conditions for investigation of CO2-brine relative permeabilities. The corrected relative permeability curves for pore structure and capillary number were tangibly in agreement with experimental data.