Mn(III) complex catalyzed agreen synthesis of 2-amino-4H-chromen-5(6H)-onesin basic aqueous solution at ambient temperature


Department of New Materials, Institute of Science and High Technology and Environmental ‎Sciences, Graduate University of Advanced Technology, PO Box 76315-117, Kerman, Iran‎


An efficient and environmentally friendly method for the synthesis of 2-amino-chromen-5(6H)-onesas important pharmaceutical compounds has been developed using [N,N'-bis(benzoylacetone)-1,2-ethylenediimine]Mn(III) chloride (2.5 mol%) as a heterogeneous and inorganic catalyst. A mixture of an appropriate aldehyde, malononitrile and dimedone in the presence of a catalytic amount of Mn(III) complex resulted in excellent yields (95-100%) of the corresponding products at ambient temperature. This new methodology is of interest due to use of water as a green solvent, its short reaction time, high yields and no further purification