Preparation of 1-(benzothiazolylamino)methyl -2-naphthols using multi-SO3H functionalized ionic liquid under solvent-free conditions


Department of Chemistry, Faculty of Sciences, University of Sistan and Baluchestan, Zahedan, P.O. Box 98 135-674, Iran.


A one-pot, three-component condensation of aldehydes, 2-naphthol and 2- aminobenzothiazole in the presence of multi-SO3H functionalized ionic liquid (synthesized from hexamethylenetetramine and 1,4-butane sulfonate), as an e ective catalyst for the synthesis of 1-(benzothiazolylamino)methyl-2-naphthol derivatives, under thermal and solvent-free conditions, is described. These products involve two biologically active parts; Betti's base and benzothiazole. The present methodology o ers several advantages, such as good yields, short reaction times, and easy work-up. The catalyst could be recycled and reused without substantial reduction in its catalytic activities