Multi-objective Optimal Location of SSSC and STATCOM Achieved by Fuzzy Optimization Strategy and Harmony Search Algorithm


Department of Electrical Engineering, Bahonar University of Kerman, Kerman, Iran


Some applications of FACTS devices prove them proper and effective instruments for controlling the technical parameters of power systems. Applying a suitable objective function to optimal placement of FACTS devices plays a very important role in economic improvement of a power market. In this paper, an effective method has been presented for optimal placement of FACTS devices in order to increase the voltage stability and to decrease the losses considering the investment cost of the FACTS devices and the total fuel cost of the power system. Therefore, the Harmony Search Algorithm (HSA) is applied in this paper for simultaneous locating as well and for determining the sizes of both the series and parallel devices (SSSC, STATCOM) in a multi-objective structure. Since the optimization is multi-purpose, a fuzzy system is used in order to find the best solution. The effectiveness of the proposed method is demonstrated using the modified 30-bus IEEE test system. Comparing the results achieved by the suggested algorithm with those of the PSO and GA, the proper efficiency of the presented algorithm will be enforced.