Optical and Photocatalytic Characteristics of Nitrogen Doped TiO2 Thin Film Deposited by Magnetron Sputtering


1 Department of Materials Science and Engineering,Tarbiat Modares University

2 Department of Electrical Engineering,Tarbiat Modares University

3 Department of Materials Science and Engineering,Shahed University


SiO2 substrates, and then annealed at 400C. Deposition was performed in a Ar + O2+N2 gas
mixture of 1.0 Pa, and oxygen and nitrogen with constant pressures of 0.2 Pa and 0.1 Pa, respectively.
The thicknesses of deposited layers, TiO(2????x)Nx/TiO2/ZnO, were approximately 200 nm, 800 nm and
80 nm, respectively. ZnO was used as a bu er layer. The structure and morphology of the deposited lms
were evaluated by X-Ray Di raction (XRD) and scanning electron microscopy (SEM). The average grain
sizes of TiO2 and nitrogen doped annealed thin lms were 25 and 18 nm, respectively. The microstructure
of the annealed lms was anatase. The optical transmittance of the lms was measured using ultravioletvisible
light (UV-vis) spectrophotometer. The photocatalytic activity of the samples was evaluated by the
degradation of Methylene Blue (MB) dye.