Realization of Three-Dimensional Micro and Nano-Structures on Silicon Substrates


1 Department of Electrical & Computer Engineering,University of Tehran

2 Department of Electrical Engineering,University of Tehran

3 Department of Materials Engineering,University of Tehran


The realization of nano and micro-sized, highly-featured, 3-dimensional structures on Si
substrates is reported where a single mask in a hydrogen-assisted deep reactive ion etching is exploited.
Three main gases of oxygen, hydrogen and SF6 are used in a sequential passivation and etching process
to achieve high aspect ratio features. The
ows of gases, and the plasma power and timing of each
subsequence are the main parameters to achieve the desired three-dimensional etching by controlling the
under-etching and recovery steps, which leads to the formation of unique features directly on silicon
substrates. Depending on the plasma power, etch-rates as high as 0.75 m/min can be obtained. The
plasma power can reach a high value of 1 W/cm2 over a large area of 20  15 cm2. In addition, features
with a controllable under-etching and a recovery with more than 8 m in the sidewall recession have
been achieved. Furthermore, values of aspect ratios higher than 40-50 can be obtained. The formation of
nano-wall features is also reported.