A Comprehensive Micro-Nanomechanical Drift Modeling and Compensation for Nanorobots


Department of Mechanical Engineering,Iran University of Science and Technology


This paper introduces a new approach for complete drift modeling and compensation for
Scanning Probe Microscopes (SPMs) as conventional nanorobots. Although, before this, drift was described
as remained error after hysteresis and creep compensation, it can seriously affect SPM performance.
Since experimental work accentuated that thermal strain has a dominant contribution, the present model
includes only thermal effects. As a signi cant contribution, an analytical relationship is introduced for
heat generation in piezotubes. Then, based on classic heat transfer, the thermal drift for the piezoscanner
and microcantilever is modeled. As sub-micro (nano) parts for tip and interfaces in nanoimaging and
nanomanipulation modes, the thermal circuit is introduced. Finally, the transfer functions of thermal
drift versus ambient temperature variations and piezoscanner heat generation are derived. In this paper,
it is not assumed that drift velocity is constant, whereas this assumption was a major drawback of
previously presented procedures. This paper, by introducing a comprehensive model and an approximated
analytical model, and comparing existent experimental results, shows that the present model is effective
and mathematically traceable in both modes.