Multiferroic Thin Film Composite of Pb(Zr0:52Ti0:48)O3 and Co-50%Fe Alloy


Department of Materials Science and Engineering,Shiraz University


A magnetoelectric composite composed of PZT as a piezoelectric material and Co-50%Fe as
a magnetostrictive alloy was produced. The Pb(Zr0:52Ti0:48)O3 (PZT) layer was deposited on a magnetic
alloy via sol gel spin coating and Pulsed Laser Deposition (PLD) processes. The results show that the
sol gel prepared PZT lm exhibits a single perovskite phase, but the sample prepared using, the PLD
method, is susceptible to creating a pyrochlore phase. The prepared PZT lms demonstrated good dielectric
properties and have large potential applications in multifunctional devices. Based on acceptable electrical
and magnetic properties; "r of 894 and magnetostriction coefficient of 70  10????6, it seems that these
samples will have also good magnetoelectric properties.