Separation and Preconcentration of Ultra Traces of Some Heavy Metals in Environmental Samples by Electrodeposition Technique Prior to Flame Atomic Absorption Spectroscopy Determination (ED-FAAS)


Department of Chemistry,Shahid Beheshti University


In this approach, electrodeposition was developed for separation of ultra traces of some
heavy metals from the complex matrices prior to determination by
ame atomic absorption spectroscopy.
The electrodeposition is carried out at optimized parameters of pH and temperature of electrolyte, voltage
and duration time of deposition. The calculated LOD for ED-FAAS for the interested elements was found
as follows: 1.27 ng mL????1 for Co, 0.14 g mL????1 for Re, 1.56 ng mL????1 for Ni, 1.84 ng mL????1 for Au,
0.02 g mL????1 for Pt and 6.67 ng mL????1 for In. Characteristic concentration for Co, Re, Ni, Au, Pt and
In in ED-FAAS technique are 1.72, 660, 2.67, 2.99, 30 and 9.60 ng mL????1 with %RSD as 1.54, 2.69,
2.45, 2.77, 2.38 and 2.55, respectively. These elements were measured in some environmental samples.
Concentration of Co and Ni in a mineral water are 12.46 and 21.43 ng mL????1, respectively, concentration
of Re in a molybdenum mineral concentrate is 4.65 g mL????1, concentration of Au in a geological samples
is 6.00 ng mL????1. It was also found that the recovery test for spiked Pt and In to a waste water samples
is promising using the proposed technique.