XRD, AFM and UV-Vis Optical Studies of PbSe Thin Films Produced by Chemical Bath Deposition Method


1 Department of Chemistry,University of Maryland

2 Department of Chemistry,Macquarie University


PbSe thin films have been deposited on microscope glass substrates by chemical bath
deposition technique. The chemical bath consisted of lead nitrate, sodium selenate and triethanolamine
solutions. The in
uence of bath temperature on the properties of PbSe lms was investigated. The X-ray
diffraction, atomic force microscope and UV/Vis Spectrophotometer were used to obtain the structural
characterization, surface morphological and absorbance data, respectively. Based on the X-ray di raction
results, the thin lms obtained were found to be polycrystalline in nature with cubic structure. The
intensity of the (111) peak showed a signi cant increased as the bath temperature was increased from 40
to 80C. The lms deposited at 80C indicated that the crystallinity was improved and more PbSe peaks
were observed. On the other hand, the grain size, lm thickness and surface roughness were increased
while band gap energy decreased as could be observed in atomic force microscope and UV-Vis optical
studies, respectively.