Manganese Oxide Doped Noble Metals Supported Catalyst for Carbon Dioxide Methanation Reaction


1 Department of Chemistry,Kuwait University

2 Department of Chemistry,University of Mashad

3 Department of Chemistry,University of Kansas


Manganese oxide supported on alumina was prepared for methanation reaction by doping
the manganese oxide based catalyst with noble metals, namely ruthenium, Ru and palladium, and Pd,
via an impregnation method. The potential catalyst was calcined at 400C, 700C and 1000C for 5
hours separately. An in-house-built micro reactor with an FTIR detector and GC was used to study the
percentage of CO2 conversion and also the percentage of CH4 formation. Ru/Mn (30:70)-Al2O3 calcined
at 1000C was the potential catalyst, which gave 86.82% CO2 conversion and 61.94% CH4 yield at a
reaction temperature of 200C. XRD analysis showed that the catalyst is of a crystalline phase, while
FESEM illustrated the catalyst surface was covered with small and dispersed particles with an unde ned
shape. EDX analysis revealed that there was 21.15% reduction of Ru in the spent catalyst compared to the
fresh catalyst due to the migration of Ru particles into the porous support during the reaction. There was
5.39% reduction of surface area over the spent Ru/Mn (30:70)-Al2O3 catalyst, characterized by Nitrogen
Adsorption analysis. FTIR analysis revealed that the catalyst surface is hydrated.