E ect of Different Configurations on 3-D Analysis of Flow Through Stay Vanes and Guide Vanes of a Francis Turbine


1 Department of Mechanical Engineering,Sharif University of Technology

2 Department of Mechanical Engineering,Clarkson University


Stay and guide vanes (distributor) are essential parts of a turbine. They are used to control
ow rate and to appropriately transfer the
ow momentum to the runner. In this work,
ow through
the distributor is analyzed. For various Boundary Conditions (BC) and di erent con gurations, threedimensional

ows in the distributor of a Francis turbine are evaluated and compared with each other. The
numerical simulations were carried out using Fluent software and the results were validated with a GAMM
Francis turbine, where the geometry and detailed best eciency measurements were publically available.
In these simulations, the
ow was assumed to be steady and the e ect of turbulence was included using
the k ???? " turbulence model. The study showed that an accurate prediction of velocity and pressure elds
through the distributor may be obtained by considering a representative runner chamber with a single
passage, including one blade of a stay and guide vane con guration. Furthermore, the corresponding
needed computational resources for such an analysis are quite modest.