A Comparative Study on Mechanical and Adhesion Properties of Calcinated and Non Calcinated Nanobioglass-Titania Nano Composite Coatings on Stainless Steel Substrates


1 Department of Materials and Engineering,Azad University

2 Department of Materials Engineering,Azad University

3 Department of Materials Engineering,McGill University

4 Department of Biomedical Engineering,Isfahan University


Thick lms of calcinated and non calcinated nanobioglass(NBG)-titania nanocomposite
coatings were prepared on stainless steel substrates using an alkoxide sol-gel process. The prepared lms
were characterized by TEM, SEM, EDS, XRD and other methods. The composite lms obtained from
calcinated NBG particles were compared to the lms obtained from non calcinated NBG particles. Here,
we present a comparative study on the mechanical and adhesion properties of two types of lm (TiO2-
calcinated NBG and TiO2-non calcinated NBG). The prepared thick lms were smooth and free of macro
cracking, fracture or
aking. The grain size of these lms was uniform and its nano scale con rmed
using a TEM microscope. Adhesion tests were carried out according to the ASTM-D-3359-97 standard.
The results showed that both calcinated and non calcinated NBG-titania lms have very good adhesion
properties. The hardness of the prepared lms (TiO2-calcinated NBG and TiO2-non calcinated NBG)
was compared by using a micro hardness test method. The results veri ed that the presence of calcinated
NBG particles in a NBG-titania composite gradually enhanced the mechanical data of the prepared lms.