A Family of Variable Step-Size Affine Projection Adaptive Filtering Algorithms with Selective Regressors and Selective Partial Updates


Department of Electrical Engineering,Shahid Rajaee Teacher Training University


This paper presents a family of Variable Step-Size (VSS) Ane Projection (AP) adaptive
ltering algorithms with Selective Partial Updates (SPU) and Selective Regressors (SR). The presented
algorithms have good convergence speed, low steady state Mean Square Error (MSE), and low computational
complexity features. The stability bounds of the family of SPU-APA, SR-APA and SPU-SR-APA
are analyzed, based on the energy conservation arguments. This analysis does not need to assume a
Gaussian or white distribution for the regressors. We demonstrate the good performance of the proposed
algorithms through simulations in system identi cation and acoustic echo cancellation scenarios.
Keyword: Adaptive lter; Ane projection; Selective partial update; Selective regressor; Stability bound;
Variable step-size.