Design and Implementation of Models for Analyzing the Dynamic Performance of Distributed Generators in the Micro Grid Part I: Micro Turbine and Solid Oxide Fuel Cell


Department of Electrical Engineering,Tokai University


This paper implements models of two important distributed generators. The rst developed
model describes and simulates the dynamic performance of a Single Shaft Micro Turbine, while the second
model simulates the dynamic behavior of a Solid Oxide Fuel cell (SOFC). Increasing and reducing the
power produced by these micro sources is also simulated. The two developed models can test the dynamic
response for the power demand change from 0% to 120% of the rated value. The stand alone dynamic
performance of the two developed models is analyzed and evaluated. Results proved the e ectiveness and
robustness of the developed models. The two developed models can be used to describe the behavior of a
Micro Grid (MG) under di erent disturbance conditions like islanding from the main grid, load following,
load shedding, unbalanced loads, failure of one micro source and so forth. Also, we developed models
for those micro sources for building a complete model that can describe the overall dynamic performance
of the Micro Grid (MG). The developed models of the Micro Turbine and the SOFC are inserted in a
complete MG system to prove the validation of those models. Investigations of the MG system under
di erent disturbance conditions are performed. Results proved the validation and e ectiveness of the two
developed models in the studying and analysis of the transient dynamic response of MG. All models and
controllers are built in the Matlab r
Simulink r