Higher Routability and Reduced Crosstalk Noise by Asynchronous Multiplexing of On-Chip Interconnects


1 Department of Computer Engineering and IT,Amirkabir University of Technology

2 Department of Computer Science and Engineering,Shahid Beheshti University


The signal integrity problem, especially crosstalk noise, is an important issue in physical
design in the nanometer regime. Wire multiplexing is a recently proposed method to reduce these problems
in current design methodologies. This technique is presented to increase the routability of the design
and also reduce crosstalk noise by serializing parallel wires via delay insensitive asynchronous serial
transceivers. In this paper, this technique is improved in terms of routability and computation time and,
also, its impact on crosstalk is examined. Finally, it is evaluated with 180 nm and 130 nm technologies.
Experimental results show that for the attempted benchmarks, congestion and routability are improved by
15.54% and 21.57% on average, respectively, and crosstalk noise is improved by 9.51% on average. These
improvements are achieved at the cost of a slight increase in power consumption (0.12% on average) and
runtime (less than 10.01% on average).