An Efficient Method for the Nitration of Phenols with NaNO2 in the Presence of 3-Methyl-1-Sulfonic Acid Imidazolium Chloride


1 Department of Chemistry,Northridge

2 Department of Chemistry,Berakly

3 Department of Chemistry,University of Bu-Ali-Sina

4 Department of Chemistry,Bu-Ali Sina University


Nitrophenols can be obtained in high yields via nitrosation-oxidation of phenols by 3-
methyl-1-sulfonic acid imidazolium chloride f[Msim]Clg as a new Brnsted acidic ionic liquid and NaNO2
at room temperature. In situ generation of HNO2 and a radical-cation mechanism via the nitrous acid
catalyzed pathway appear to be applicable to phenol nitration using this reagent system.