y-Irradiation Synthesis of a Smart Hydrogel: Optimization Using Taguchi Method and Investigation of Its Swelling Behavior


Department of Chemistry,Sharif University of Technology


In the current work, synthesis of an environmental-sensitive superabsorbent hydrogel
-rays is described. Grafted polyacrylonitrile onto a homogeneous solution of starch and kappa-
Carrageenan hybrid backbones created a smart material with reversible behavior. The reaction parameters
(i.e. acrylonitrile, starch and kappa-Carrageenan concentration, as well as
-irradiation time) a ecting
the water absorbency of the hydrogel were optimized using the Taguchi method, in order to achieve a
hydrogel with high swelling capacity. FTIR spectroscopy was used for con rming the structure of the nal
product and the morphology of the synthesized hydrogel was examined by a scanning electron microscope.
The swelling behavior of the optimized hydrogel sample in various NaCl concentrations and swelling
kinetics in distilled water were investigated. The pH-reversibility and on-o switching behaviors of entitled
smart hydrogel make it a good candidate for consideration as a potential carrier for bioactive agents like