Impact of Thermodynamic Non-idealities and Mass Transfer on Multi-phase Hydrodynamics


1 Department of Chemical Engineering,Sharif University of Technology

2 Research Center,Sharif University of Technology


Considering the non-ideal behavior of
uids and their e ects on hydrodynamic and mass
transfer in multiphase
ow is very essential. Simulations were performed that take into account the
e ects of mass transfer and mixture non-ideality on the hydrodynamics reported by Bozorgmehry et al.
In this paper, by assuming the density of phases to be constant and using Raoult's law instead of EOS
and the fugacity coecient de nition, respectively, for both liquid and gas phases, the importance of nonideality
e ects on mass transfer and hydrodynamic behavior was studied. The results for a system of
octane/propane (T = 323 K and P = 445 kPa) also indicated that the assumption of constant density in
simulation had a major role to diverse from experimental data. Furthermore, comparison between obtained
results and previous reports indicated signi cant di erences between experimental data and simulation
results with more ideal assumptions.