Improvements to the Mathematical Model of Acoustic Wave Scattering from Transversely Isotropic Cylinders


Department of Mechanical Engineering,Khajeh Nasire Toosi University of Technology


This paper considers the scattering of an in nite plane acoustic wave from a long immersed,
solid, transversely isotropic cylinder. The mathematical model which has already been developed for this
problem does not work in the case of a normally incident wave. Modi cations to the mathematical model
are proposed in order to make it applicable to all incidence angles, including = 0. Numerical results are
used to demonstrate the correctness of the modi ed equations. Moreover, using a mathematical discussion,
it is shown that at normal incidence, the whole displacement eld is constrained within the isotropic plane
of the cylinder (cylinder cross section) and only the two elastic constants characterizing this plane appear
in the remaining equations. A perturbation study on the ve elastic constants of the transversely isotropic
cylinder con rms this result.