Optimizing a Joint Economic Lot Sizing Problem with Price-Sensitive Demand


Department of Industrial Engineering,Sharif University of Technology


This paper considers the problem of a vendor-buyer integrated production-inventory model.
The vendor manufactures the item at a nite rate and delivers the nal goods at a lot-for-lot shipment
policy to the buyer. We relax the assumption of uniform demand in the hitherto existing joint economic
lot sizing models and analyze the problem where the end customer demand is price-sensitive. The relation
between demand and price is considered to be linear. The model proposed, based on the integrated expected
total relevant pro ts of both buyer and vendor, nds out the optimal values of order quantity and mark-up
percentage, using an analytical approach. Some numerical examples are also used to analyze the e ect of
the price-sensitivity of demand on the improvements in joint total pro t over individually derived policies.