Optimal Size and Location of Distributed Generations for Minimizing Power Losses in a Primary Distribution Network


Department of Electrical Engineering,Tokai University


Power system deregulation and shortage of transmission capacities have led to an increase
interest in Distributed Generations (DGs) sources. The optimal location of DGs in power systems is
very important for obtaining their maximum potential bene ts. This paper presents an algorithm to
obtain the optimum size and optimum location of the DGs at any bus in the distribution network. The
proposed algorithm is based on minimizing power losses in the primary distribution network. The developed
algorithm can also be used to determine the optimum size and optimum location of the DGs embedded
in the distribution network, including power cost and the available rating of DGs if the DGs exist in
a competitive market. An algorithm is applied to three test distribution systems with di erent sizes (6
buses, 18 buses and 30 buses). Results indicated that, if the DGs are located at their optimal locations and
have optimal sizes, the total losses in the distribution network will be reduced by nearly 85%. The results
can be used as a look-up table, which can help design engineers when inserting DGs into the distribution