Investigation and Selection of Suitable Layers in Bangestan Reservoir for Hydraulic Fracturing Operation


1 Department of Petroleum and Natural Gas Engineering,Anchorage

2 Department of Reservoir Engineering,University of Alberta


Hydraulic fracturing is a process applied to boreholes to improve the ability of
uids (such
as oil and gas) to
ow to the hole and be recovered. Recent investigation has shown that fractures can
play a major role in the productivity of low permeability formations. The Ahwaz oil eld is one of the
largest in South West Iran. The Bangestan reservoir in this eld, with a suitable amount of oil in place
and good rock reservoirs, has been selected for the present research work. The pressure pro le has been
calculated in tight reservoirs in a few wells, for the purpose of hydraulic fracturing operation studies. In
this work, the pore pressure was calculated by using the available eld data in the carbonated reservoir
of the Ahwaz eld. The results indicate that the Ilam formation could be a good candidate for hydraulic