A New Eco-Friendly and Ecient Mesoporous Solid Acid Catalyst for the Alkylation of Phenols and Naphthols Under Microwave Irradiation and Solvent-Free Conditions


1 Department of Chemistry,Sharif University of Technology

2 Department of Chemistry,Iran University of Science and Technology


The catalytic activity of a mixture of ZnCl2: AlCl3 supported on silica gel was evaluated for
the alkylation of phenols with benzyl alcohol, tret-butyl alcohol and styrene under microwave irradiation
and solvent-free conditions. The catalyst preparation method, its characterization and reusability, were
reported. The e ect of the phenol to benzyl alcohol ratio and the time of reaction on the phenol conversion
and distribution of products was investigated. A conversion percentage up to 97% was achieved when
hydroquinone was used. A selective ortho- directed alkylation for phenol, -naphthol and -naphthol was