E ects of Canard Position on Wing Surface Pressure


Department of Aerospace Engineering,Sharif University of Technology


A series of wind tunnel tests were performed to study the e ects of a canard and its
position on the downstream
ow eld over the wing surface. The wing surface pressure was measured
for both canard-o and canard-on con gurations. In addition, the canard position e ects on the wing
were investigated at di erent angles of attack. The canard was installed at three vertical positions and
at two di erent horizontal distances from the wing apex. The results show a remarkable increase in the
wing suction peak for the canard-on con gurations. At low to moderate angles of attack, among the
various con gurations examined in the present experiments, the mid-canard con guration developed a
higher suction on the wing while, at high angles of attack, the upper-canard was found to induce the most
ow eld on the wing. In addition, higher suctions were achieved on the wing at moderate to
high angles of attack, as the wing-canard distance was increased.