Dynamic Response of Floating Wind Turbine


Department of Mechanical Engineering,University of Wales Cardiff


Like other o shore structures,
oating wind turbines are subjected to stochastic wave and
wind loads that cause a dynamic response in the structures. Wind turbines should be designed for di erent
conditions, such as Operational and Survival conditions. In high sea states, the response can be quite
di erent from the operational condition. The present paper deals with coupled wave and wind induced
motion in harsh conditions, up to 15 m signi cant wave height and 50 m/sec average wind speed. There
are several ways to deal with the dynamic response of
oating wind turbines. The Coupled Time domain
dynamic response analysis for a moored spar wind turbine subjected to wave and wind loads is carried
out using DeepC. DeepC is well known software for calculating the coupled dynamic response of moored

oating structures. The aerodynamic forces on a parked wind turbine are calculated, based on the strip
theory, and imported to the DeepC through a MATLAB interface. At each time step, the relative wind
velocity, based on the response of the structure, is calculated.