Comparing Sloshing Phenomena in a Rectangular Container with and without a Porous Medium Using Explicit Nonlinear 2-D BEM-FDM


Department of Mechanical Engineering,Sharif University of Technology


The sloshing phenomena in a partially lled tank can a ect its stability. Modi cations of
tank instability due to the movement of the tank carrier, are key design points for the stability of a carrier.
Even though the sloshing phenomenon has already been investigated using the BEM-FDM technique, the
research in this paper covers this phenomenon in a porous media, which is new in 2-D coordinates. For
this purpose, a Laplace equation has been used for potential
ow, and kinematic and dynamic boundary
conditions have been applied to the free surface. Also, a formulation has been developed for a free surface
in porous media. BEM has been used for solving the governing equation and FDM discretization has been
used for kinematic and dynamic free surface boundary conditions and for time marching. Theoretical
results have been veri ed with experimental data collected in this study. The results show an acceptable
agreement between theory and experiment, and the rapid damping property in the sloshing phenomena by
using porous material in the water, as expected. Also, these results illustrate that the derived formula in
this research are applicable and true.