Computational Simulation of Current Forces on Floating Production Storage and Ooading in Irregular Waves


1 Department of Geomatics Engineering,Farab Co.

2 Department of Marine Technology,Bangladesh University of Engineering & Technology, BUET


This paper presents the e ect of current forces on the motion of forces on Floating
Production Storage and Ooading (FPSO) in irregular waves. The objective of this research is to compute
the motion of FPSO in irregular waves by time domain simulation including the e ect of current forces.
A study is made on the slowly varying oscillations of a moored single body system in a current and waves.
Linear potential theory is used to describe the
uid motion, and three-dimensional source distribution
techniques are applied to obtain the hydrodynamic forces and transfer function of the wave exciting forces.
OCIMF (1994) data are used for estimation of the current forces. The non-linear time domain simulations
have been carried out in irregular waves. Based on it, slowly varying motion responses are examined
including the e ect of the current forces. Several environmental conditions, such as the current angle
of attack, current velocity, signi cant wave height and mean wave period are considered, which may
signi cantly a ect FPSO motion in surge, sway and yaw moments. It is found that the e ect of current
forces is quite signi cant when the current velocity is increased. In this simulation, while the current
velocity is increased to 3.0 meter/seconds, the impact on FPSO motion is quite signi cant, which should
be taken into consideration from the point of view of safety, failure of mooring systems, operating responses
and the dynamic positioning of the FPSO.