Application of Screens and Trips in Enhancement of Flow Characteristics in Subsonic Wind Tunnels


Department of Aerospace Engineering,Sharif University of Technology


Subsonic wind tunnel experiments were conducted to study the turbulence level in the test
section. Measurements were performed by introducing trip strip and/or damping screens on the
eld. The results indicated that the introduction of trip strips not only reduced the turbulence intensity
compared to cases without it, but also
attened the variations. Further, the experiments which investigated
the impact of the damping screens indicated a similar reduction in turbulence intensity; the pattern,
however, remained the same. Furthermore, the results for cases wherein both trip strips as well as damping
screens were placed on the contraction and in the settling chamber, respectively, showed that turbulence
intensity was even more reduced than in previous cases. It is believed that the combination of several
damping screens with the trip strip could be a sound method for turbulence reduction in subsonic wind