Maximum Allowable Dynamic Load of Flexible Manipulators Undergoing Large Deformation


Department of Mechanical Engineering,Iran University of Science and Technology


In this paper, a general formula for nding the Maximum Allowable Dynamic Load
(MADL) of geometrically nonlinear
exible link manipulators is presented. The dynamic model for
links in most mechanisms is often based on the small de
ection theory but for applications like lightweight
links, high-precision elements or high speed it is necessary to capture the de
ection caused by
nonlinear terms. First, the equations of motion are derived, taking into account the nonlinear straindisplacement
relationship using Finite Element Method (FEM) approaches. The maximum allowable
loads that can be achieved by a mobile manipulator during a given trajectory are limited by a number
of factors. Therefore, a method for determination of the dynamic load carrying capacity for a given
trajectory is explained, subject to the accuracy, actuator and amplitude of residual vibration constraints
and by imposing a maximum stress limitation as a new constraint. In order to verify the e ectiveness of
the presented algorithm, two simulation studies considering a
exible two-link planar manipulator mounted
on a mobile base are presented and the results are discussed. The simulation results indicate that the e ect
of introducing geometric elastic nonlinearities and inertia nonlinearities on the maximum allowable loads
of a manipulator.