E ect of Payload Variation on the Residual Vibration of Flexible Manipulators at the End of a Given Path


1 Department of Mechanical Engineering,Sharif University of Technology

2 Department of Mechanical Engineering,Iran University of Science and Technology


Abstract. In rest-to-rest motion, the gripper of the
exible manipulators vibrates not only in the
duration of the tracking but also after reaching the goal point. This vibration, which is called residual
vibration, continues with a speci c amplitude and frequency after reaching the goal point. In this paper,
the e ect of a carried payload on the residual vibration magnitude is investigated. The nite element
method is employed for modeling and deriving the dynamic equations of the manipulator with
links and joints. Compared with previous works, the assumptions of low frequency and small amplitude of
vibration about the nal con guration are released and all terms in the dynamic equations are taken into
account. Some simulations for a two-link
exible manipulator along two given paths are then performed
for di erent payloads at the end-e ector. In the rst state, a polynomial-Fourier function is considered for
joint motion and then a linear path for gripper motion. Finally, a straightforward approach for predicting
the residual vibration amplitude, in terms of the payload, is proposed.