Modeling of Twin-Entry Radial Turbine Performance Characteristics Based on Experimental Investigation Under Full and Partial Admission Conditions


Department of Mechanical Engineering,Sharif University of Technology


Abstract. In this paper, the performance of a turbocharger twin-entry radial in
ow turbine is
investigated analytically and experimentally under steady state, full and partial admission conditions. In
this modeling, the mass
ow rate, pressure ratio and eciency of the turbine are assumed unknown. The
turbine geometry and the inlet total pressure and temperature are known, hence, the turbine performance
characteristics can be obtained. In the turbocharger laboratory, performance characteristics of the turbine
are determined, measuring the main parameters for various operating conditions. Comparing the model
and experimental results shows good agreement. Also, considering the e ect of test parameters on
performance uncertainty, it shows that the pressure ratio has more in
uence. Finally, the uncertainty of
eciency decreases as the pressure ratio increases.