CVD Synthesis of Small-Diameter Single-Walled Carbon Nanotubes on Silicon


Department of Electrical Engineering,Sharif University of Technology


Abstract. A simple process for the chemical vapor deposition of ultra SD single-wall carbon nanotubes
has been developed. In this process, an iron nitrate nonahydrate solution in isopropyl alcohol with a
concentration of (400 gr/milt) was used to catalyst nanoparticle formation on an oxidized silicon wafer.
The oxide on the substrate was made of a thick layer of wet oxide sandwiched between two thin layers
of dry oxide. The process results in semiconducting Single-Walled carbon NanoTubes (SWNTs) with
diameters of less than 0.7 nm and more than a 1 ev band gap energy, which are amongst the smallest
diameters of SWNTs ever reported.