Rate Allocation with Minimized Packet-Loss in Multi-Hop Wireless Ad Hoc Networks


Electronics Research Center,Iran Telecommunication Research Center,


Abstract. Due to time-varying topological changes in a wireless ad hoc network, it is a challenging
issue to provide stringent QoS requirements of most real-time applications. Each real-time application
requires a speci c set of QoS parameter guarantees (such as delay, jitter, packet loss. . . ). As multipath
routing has the potential of reducing the congestion and increasing the throughput of the user trac
in multi-hop wireless networks, it is assumed that multiple paths are available in advance between each
source-destination pair. In the current work, those subsets of real-time applications (such as Video On
Demand), which require minimized packet loss and a lower bound on the delivered bandwidth, are taken
into account. Using a constrained optimization framework and trying to minimize the packet loss, an
optimal rate is allocated to each source-destination path of the real-time application. Simulation results
verify the enhanced performance of the proposed method in terms of the packet error rate.