A Simulation on the Propagation of Supernova Cosmic Particles in a Fractal Medium


Department of Physics,Shahid Bahonar University of Kerman


Abstract. In this paper, we present a Mont Carlo simulation by using the inhomogeneous di usion
equation suggested by Lagutin et al. in a fractal interstellar medium for a supernova, as being the main
source of Galactic cosmic rays in an energy range up to 1016ev. When the numerical results of this
simulation are compared with the predicted energy density of cosmic rays from the supernova model of
Erlikyn and Wolfendale (EW), they show a strong consistency with the observed experimental parameters
of cosmic rays, i.e. Galactic radial gradient, percentage of total supernova energy transfer to cosmic
particles etc., which is also con rmation of a supernova being of cosmic ray origin.