Simulation of Random Irregular Sea Waves for Numerical and Physical Models Using Digital Filters


Faculty of Marine Technology,Amirkabir University of Technology


Abstract. Wind waves, which are one of the most important phenomena in the marine environment,
are generally progressive in nature and can move far distances out of their area of formation. Thus,
an understanding of wave hydrodynamics and their e ects is important for engineers in the design and
construction of marine structures and coastal management. Signi cant insights may be gained from
numerical and laboratory studies. Often the waves simulated in numerical and physical models do not
have the full characteristics of real sea waves. It is then necessary to present a reliable method of wave
simulation for numerical and laboratory wave
umes. In this paper, the results of numerically simulated
water waves, using digital lters, are presented. A model has been developed to simulate a water wave
pro le from di erent target spectra using WNDF methods. The results showed that the WNDF method
involves good stochastic wave characteristics if a suitable spectrum is used as target. The results have
implications for the numerical or laboratory estimation of wave forces on model o shore or coastal