Element Free Galerkin Mesh-Less Method for Fully Coupled Analysis of a Consolidation Process


Department of Civil Engineering,Sharif University of Technology


Abstract. A formulation of the Element Free Galerkin (EFG), one of the mesh-less methods, is
developed for solving coupled problems and its validity for application to soil-water problems is examined
through numerical analysis. The numerical approach is constructed to solve two governing partial
di erential equations of equilibrium and the continuity of pore water, simultaneously. Spatial variables
in a weak form, the displacement increment and excess pore water pressure increment, are discretized
using the same EFG shape functions. An incremental constrained Galerkin weak form is used to create
the discrete system equations and a fully implicit scheme is used to create the discretization of the time
domain. Implementation of essential boundary conditions is based on penalty method. Examples are
studied and the obtained results are compared with closed-form or nite element method solutions to
demonstrate the capability of the developed model. The results indicate that the EFG method is capable of
handling coupled problems in saturated porous media and can predict well, both soil deformation and the
variation of pore water pressure, over time.