The E ect of Geosynthetic Reinforcement on the Damage Propagation Rate of Asphalt Pavements


1 Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering,Khajeh Nasire Toosi University of Technology

2 Department of Engineering,Tarbiat Modares University

3 Department of Engineering,K.M. Computer Company Inc.


Abstract. There are several approaches for modeling the fatigue life and damage of asphalt pavements,
such as stress-strain and damage mechanics. In this research, a simple mechanistic approach is used to
explain the destruction of asphalt pavements. For asphalt reinforcement, two types of geosynthetic were
used in the air eld at Imam Khomeini airport, Tehran. Non-reinforced, reinforced with a geogrid and
geotextile specimens with dimensions of 5063381 mm were obtained from the asphalt slab eld section.
Fatigue tests of this study have been conducted with a four point beam test and a fatigue load with a half-sin
wave at a frequency of 10 cycle/sec (no rest period), has been used. The results indicated that specimens
reinforced with geosynthetics exhibit a higher initial sti ness module and lower crack propagation rate
than non-reinforced specimens.