Application of Endurance Time Method in Performance-Based Design of Steel Moment Frames


Department of Civil Engineering,Sharif University of Technology


In this paper, application of the Endurance Time (ET) method in the performance-based
design of steel moment frames is explained from a conceptual viewpoint. ET is a new dynamic pushover
procedure that predicts the seismic performance of structures by subjecting them to a gradually intensifying
dynamic action and monitoring their performance at various excitation levels. Structural responses at
di erent excitation levels are obtained in a single time-history analysis, thus signi cantly reducing the
computational demand. Results from three analyses are averaged to reduce the random scattering of the
results at each time step. A target performance curve is presented based on the required performance
criteria, as a continuous function of an increasing intensity measure. The actual performance is then
plotted against this target performance based on the results of ET analysis. The overall performance of the
structure can be anticipated by comparing the target to actual performance at various intensity levels and
the design can be improved based on the observed performance. Results are indicative of a good potential
for application of the ET method in the performance-based design of steel moment frames.