Laboratory Investigations on Wave Run-up and Transmission over Breakwaters Covered by Antifer Units


1 Department of Civil Engineering,Tarbiat Modares University

2 Department of Civil Engineering,Amirkabir University of Technology


The e ect of a placement pattern of antifer units on the wave run-up and transmission was
investigated in more than 380 laboratory tests. The main variables in the experiments were as follows: An
antifer unit placement pattern, the breakwater front slope angle, the incoming wave height and steepness,
and the still water depth. It was concluded that the wave run-up can be reduced by about 25% by changing
the placement pattern from regular to irregular. The measured data were also applied to estimate the
wave run-up on the antifer-covered breakwaters as a function of the standard run-up on smooth and
impermeable slopes. The measured data of the wave transmission are applied to inspect the prediction
equations mentioned in literature, and the predicted and measured data were compared and the deviations
were discussed. Some modi cations were proposed to improve the accuracy of prediction equations of the
wave transmission, especially for breakwaters covered by antifer units in regular and irregular placements.