3D Modeling of Damage Growth and Crack Initiation Using Adaptive Finite Element Technique


Department of Civil Engineering,Sharif University of Technology


In this paper, the continuum damage mechanics model originally proposed by Lemaitre
(Journal of Engineering Materials and Technology. 1985; 107: 83-89) is presented through an adaptive
nite element method for three-dimensional ductile materials. The macro-crack initiation-propagation
criterion is used based on the distribution of damage variable in the continuum damage model. The microcrack
closure e ect is incorporated to simulate the damage evolution more realistic. The Zienkiewicz-Zhu
posteriori error estimator is employed in conjunction with a weighted Superconvergence Patch Recovery
(SPR) technique at each patch to improve the accuracy of error estimation and data transfer process.
Finally, the robustness and accuracy of proposed computational algorithm is demonstrated by several 3D
numerical examples.