Tuned Genetic Algorithms for Finding p-Medians of a Weighted Graph


1 Department of Civil Engineering,Iran University of Science and Technology

2 Department of Engineering,Building and Housing Research Center


There are various engineering applications dealing with the prototype problem of nding the
best p-medians in a weighted graph. However, the heuristic developments are still of concern due to their
complexity. This paper utilizes genetic algorithm as a well-known reliable evolutionary search for such
a purpose. Problem formulation is studied, introducing a characteristic graph and specialized genotype
representation called Direct Index Coding". The genetic operators are also modi ed due to problem
requirements, and further tuned using a simulated annealing approach. Such an enhanced evolutionary
search tool is then applied to a number of examples to show its e ectiveness regarding the exact results,
and to compare eciency between tuned and non-tuned GA.