Numerical Study on Reinforcing of Thin Walled Cracked Metal Cylindrical Columns Using FRP Patch


Department of Civil Engineering,Amirkabir University of Technology


In this paper a new technique was proposed for the repair of defected metal columns. The
finite element method was chosen to find out the adequacy of the proposed method, regarding, the load
carrying capacity of two types of thin walled cylindrical columns with L=D = 10 and 20 along with
circumferential and longitudinal cracks. The study considers the non linearity behavior in both material
as well as geometrical characteristics. Various configurations of the composite patches made from carbonepoxy
were assumed on the cracked region and the in
uence of a patch on the load carrying capacity of the
columns was examined. The obtained results indicate that composite material can not only compensate
the effect of damage on column buckling load, but also increase buckling strength to a level even greater
than in an intact one.