Effect of Internal and External Shear Wall Location on Strengthening Weak RC Frames


Department of Civil Engineering,SeoNam University


Hundreds of thousands of Reinforced Concrete (RC) buildings have been either seriously
damaged or have completely collapsed due to major earthquakes in recent years in Turkey, therefore, the
construction of RC buildings gained momentum by the aid of scientific studies on strengthening. As well
as mentioning the importance of the strengthening process using Shear Walls (SW) in RC buildings of
poor earthquake performance, an experimental study carried out to analyze the in
uence of the location of
a SW on the existing system was also mentioned in this study. A total of three, two-storey, two-bay RC
frames of 1/3 scale were produced for the experiments by expecting them to represent the behavior of the
RC frames having weak earthquake strength; two of which were strengthened with SWs. The main aim
of this study is to compare the effectiveness of internal and external SW locations on strengthened weak,
RC frame earthquake behavior. The strength, sti ness and ductility of the tested frames were compared
within the light of numerical results obtained from the experiments. In the study, an overall comparison
of strengthening methods was made in terms of applicability, usability and cost.