Improving Mechanical Properties of High Strength Concrete by Magnetic Water Technology


1 Department of Civil Engineering,Shiraz University

2 Department of Chemistry,Sabzevar Tarbiat moallem University


The most important challenge for concrete technologists is to improve the properties of
concrete. In the last two decades, in Russia and China, a new technology, called magnetic water
technology, has been used in the concrete industry. In this technology, by passing water through a magnetic
eld, some of its physical properties change and, as a result of such changes, the number of molecules
in the water cluster decrease from 13 to 5 or 6, which causes a decrease in the water surface tension.
Using magnetized water in concrete mixtures causes an improvement in the workability and compressive
strength of concrete. Also, this processed water causes a reduction in the cement content required for the
speci ed compressive strength value. In this research, in the concrete laboratory of Sahand University of
Technology, the e ects of magnetic water on some mechanical properties of high strength concrete, such as
workability and compressive strength, have been studied. For the production of magnetic water, a magnetic
treatment device (made in Germany) has been used. This device mostly is used for the softening of water
and, for the rst time in this research, it has been used by the authors for the production of concrete.
The results of tests showed that, in most cases, concrete made with magnetic water (magnetic concrete),
has higher slump values than those of control concrete (up to 45%). Also in some cases, the compressive
strength of the magnetic concrete samples was higher than that of the control concrete samples (up to
18%). Also, in some cases, with the same slump and compressive strength, cement content can be reduced
by 28% in the case of magnetic concrete.